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Wendy’s Dumps Pigtailed Pitchman

28, 2008

After only eight months, Wendy’s is scrapping its commercials featuring young men in red Wendy wigs with pigtails. The Dublin based fast food chain says the ads generated attention — but haven’t resulted in stronger sales.

Wendy’s ad irks senator

September 26, 2007

A television commercial for Wendy’s is coming under fire from a state lawmaker.

Wendy’s Disputes Revenue Downturn

26, 2007

Officials at the Dublin-based headquarters of Wendy’s International say reports that first quarter revenues are down 71% from the same time a year ago are misleading.

Original Wendy’s restaurant closes its doors

March 2, 2007

A little more than 37 years after it opened its doors for business, the Original Wendy’s in downtown Columbus is closing its doors for the final time this evening. The company says that location has been losing money since 1999, and it’s time to shut it down.