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Anti-Senate Bill 5 Group Wants Repeal Before Talks

veto sb5 semi-truck
We Are Ohio is working to repeal Senate Bill 5 which limits public worker collective bargaining rights.
18, 2011

A spokesperson for Governor John Kasich says talks are still planned for tomorrow with members of We Are Ohio despite the group’s request for the law’s repeal first – before negotiations.

Gov. Kasich Wants SB5 Compromise

Senate Bill 5 Rally
17, 2011

Governor John Kasich and other fellow republicans want to reach an agreement with labor unions on Senate Bill 5 which would call off a fall referendum.

Similar Names, Different Causes – Political Groups Spring Up

10, 2011

If you’re not already confused, get ready to be. While Ohioans argue over two major issues — a new state budget and a new collective bargaining law for government workers — groups on both the political right and left are trying to steer the debate. And they’ve adopted names that sound alike.