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New Research In Ohio Labs Brings Star Trek Technology To Life

UC Davis researchers work on their project, "Terahertz Interconnect, the Last Centimeter Data Link"
9, 2014

Ohio is emerging as a global center of research in a branch of physics that’s stymied scientists for decades. It’s called Terahertz radiation, a band of light waves with potential uses that range from detecting cancer to uncovering art forgeries.

Forecaster Says Ohio Heat Wave Will Last Through The Week

5, 2010

The first full week of July will bring the season’s first sustained heat wave. At the National Weather Service, forecaster Scott Hickman says afternoon high temperatures will climb into the 90s all week.

City Pools Waive Admission Fee In The Midst Of Heat Wave

1, 2006

With temperatures rising into the mid-90s and heat indices broaching 105 degrees, the National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat advisory for much of Ohio until eight o’clock tonight. In Columbus many people take to public pools to stay cool.

Heat Wave Blankets Ohio

31, 2006

A heat wave that baked the Great Plains during the week-end moved into Ohio for the start of the workweek. The National Weather Service says dangerous heat and humidity will send the mercury into the mid-90s and heat indices above 100.