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Sewer Service Transfer To City of Columbus Makes Path for Casino Annexation

14, 2010

Franklin County Commissioners passed a resolution that will get clean water to neighborhoods in so-called “pockets of pollution.” But WOSU reports the agreement comes on the heels of a fall out between the City of Columbus and the West Side casino developers giving the city an advantage in the annexation debate.

Farmers and Land Owners Enticed to Clean-Up Land

21, 2010

Farm runoff was one major catalyst for the toxic green-blue algae that closed Ohio waterways and shut down tourism at parks this summer. A federal farm official visited Columbus to discuss ways her agency will work with farmers and other private land owners to create sustainable agriculture.

Advocates Push For Hormone-Free Milk In Schools

13, 2009

A non-profit consumer advocacy group wants Congress to keep schools from buying lunch milk that contains artificial growth hormones. But dairy farmers say any changes to the bill would hurt farmers that choose to use the treatments.

Local Guy Produces And Distributes Naturally Caffeinated Bottled Water

6, 2009

WOSU’s Kim Fox spoke with Brian Pitzer, president and CEO of Dublin-based Vitality Distributing. Pitzer produces and distributes Avitae, naturally caffeinated bottled water.

Students, Volunteers Plant Rain Garden At A Local School

19, 2009

One of many Earth Day projects in Central Ohio took place at Linworth High School in Worthington. Students and volunteers planted a rain garden. WOSU’s Kim Fox reports.

Women choose to give birth in water instead of at the hospital

12, 2008

Since the 1960s the standard way for a woman to give birth is at a hospital. While the numbers of mothers choosing to give birth at home may be increasing, the increase is slight. But one method of giving birth is gaining popularity among women who do want to deliver at home – and that’s the water birth.

Goverment Trying to Keep Great Lake Waters Still

10, 2007

A deal that’s supposed to prevent Great Lakes water from being diverted to other parts of the US and the world got dammed up in the legislature last session. It may be reintroduced very soon, but one lawmaker is trying to turn the tide against it.

Proposed Tunnel System Would Reduce Columbus Water Pollution

15, 2007

Under pressure from the Ohio EPA, the City of Columbus is planning to build a tunnel system to handle surges in storm water runoff.

Environmental Group Says Water Pollution Still a Major Problem in Ohio

11, 2007

A new report by an activist group, Environment Ohio, shows the state’s waterways are suffering from water pollution caused by major industrial and municipal facilities.

Popularity of alt water swimming pools growing in Central Ohio

September 10, 2007

Once popular only in Australia, salt water swimming pools are now the choice of Central Ohioans too.