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Ohio Attorney General Joins Effort To Curtail Tobacco Sales

A group of Attorneys General wants some major retailers to curtail tobacco sales.
17, 2014

Attorneys General from Ohio and 27 other states and U.S. territories have written to the chief executives of major U.S. pharmacy chains urging them to stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products.

Wal-Mart to Lay Off 650 Workers at Lockbourne Optical Plant

27, 2009

Wal-Mart announced it will cut more than 600 jobs from an optical plant in Lockbourne.

Bring Wal-Mart Back!!

3, 2007

Many small towns in the United States think of Wal-Mart as the killer of their businesses, the enemy of small town economy. That may very well be the case, but in one small Ohio city the economy could be better if Wal-Mart had not moved.

Morning after pill made OTC still controversial

23, 2007

The Food and Drug Administration approved the emergency contraception, Plan B often called the morning after pill, for over-the-counter sale in August. But at least for one Ohio couple, obtaining the medication was not that easy.

Ohio Wal-Marts Begin Selling $4 Prescriptions

Ohio Sam's Club and Wal-Mart stores now offer certain generic drug prescriptions for $4. Competitors recently announced their own plans.
October 26, 2006

Wal-Mart stores in Ohio today began selling certain generic prescription drugs for 4 dollars. Company officials say the reduced priced prescriptions represent about a quarter of the prescriptions dispensed in the United States. The company says it’s passing the saving on to customers. But critics of the giant retailer suspect other motives.