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Ohio Gets 1,700 Applications For Expanded School Vouchers

10, 2013

The Ohio Department of Education says it received 1,700 applications for an expansion of a program meant to help students from under-performing public schools attend private schools.

Voucher Scalebacks Fail To Win Public School Endorsement

The Ohio Education Association opposes all vouchers, saying they divert money from public school that educate an overwhelming majority of students.
December 13, 2011

Public schools have denounced a plan to expand private school vouchers. Now the state’s largest teacher union says a plan to scale back that expansion doesn’t go far enough.

Voucher Bill Being Scaled Back

Rep. Representative Matt Huffman's new legislation will reportedly include lower income requirements for students and a cap for the amount of tax revenue public districts could lose.
December 9, 2011

The decision comes after Rep. Matt Huffman took criticism from public school districts and their allies.

Voucher Proposal Passed by Senate Unlikely to Become Law

7, 2008

In the Ohio legislature, state senators have approved a proposal, offering vouchers to parents of children with mental or physical disabilities

Ohio Senate Leaders Look Back at 2007

2, 2008

The leaders of the Ohio Senate seem to have a lot in common; they are both pleased with what was accomplished in their chamber in 2007, a year some called a very slow one. But they disagree strongly on some issues, and at least one could come up for a debate in the next few months.

Future Unclear for Special Needs Student Vouchers

22, 2007

Ohio lawmakers working out the differences between the House and Senate versions of the budget will likely keep a proposal to give rivate school vouchers to thousands of special needs students.

Hundreds rally to back charter school vouchers

9, 2007

Several hundred supporters of school vouchers and Ohio CHARTER schools rallied at the statehouse in Columbus Wednesday, and it appears they’re going to get what they want in the new two-year state budget.

Backlash Over Governor’s Plan to Limit School Vouchers

April 3, 2007

Voucher parents, students and others are critical of Governor Ted Strickland’s plan to end all voucher program except the state’s first program in Cleveland.