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Young Voters Weigh in on Democratic Presidential Contest

3, 2008

Recent national polls show democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is more popular with young voters than his opponent, democrat Hillary Clinton.

Poll shows Ohioans have a negative view of the economy

16, 2007

A new poll shows the majority of Ohioans think the state and nation’s economy is bad and getting worse.

Survey looks at Iraq and Party Affiliation

28, 2006

A new survey shows the way Ohioans feel about the war in Iraq depends highly on their political party affiliation.

Ohio undecided voters watch debate, still undecided

1, 2004

Many observers believe undecided voters in Ohio could tip the balance in the presidential race, giving President Bush or John Kerry the needed electoral votes to win. At 9:00pm Thursday, four Ohio undecided sat at a table and watched as the two men who desperately want their votes came out onto the stage