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Teen Violence Spurs Calls For Gun Control

22, 2010

A rash of teen versus teen shootings in Columbus this year raises concern among some city leaders about how to stop the violence.

Governor Signs Bill on Teen Dating Violence

17, 2010

Governor Ted Strickland has signed into law a bill that legislators passed to try to protect teenagers.

Coalition Unveils Web Guide To Help Fight Domestic Violence.

20, 2009

The Columbus Coalition Against Family Violence today unveiled a new piece of software it says will help successfully prosecute more domestic violence offenders.

Police Report Increase In Somali Gang Violence

18, 2009

In the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, which has the largest Somali population in the US, eight Somali men have been killed in the last two years, and authorities say they were killed by fellow Somalis. Local Somali community organizers attribute the deaths to a rise in gang violence. Now Somali community leaders in Columbus — which hosts the second largest US Somali community – are working to curb a similar rise in youth gang violence.

Lawmakers say violence against animals could lead to a violent future

11, 2007

Former mass murderer Jeffrey Dahmer killed his first victim, hitchiker Steven Hicks, in Bath Ohio in 1978. Dahmer went on to kill 16 more men and boys during the next fifteen years. But Dahmer’s first victim wasn’t human. He had a history of mutilating and butchering animals as a young child. Dahmer’s early history with has served as inspiration for a bill being considered by Ohio lawmakers that would identify children who are at risk of becoming violent offenders in the future.

School Officials Get Safety Lesson In Columbus

24, 2006

As a response to recent incidents of school violence Ohio lawmakers now require school districts to develop and fine-tune safety measures for the classroom. The legislation aims to prevent school shootings and other violence against students or staff. But today, representatives from 200 school districts got an eye-opening demonstration courtesy of a safety consultant.

High school students discuss teen pregnancy and violence at national mayor’s conference

29, 2005

Area high school students say parents, teachers, students and community leaders need to address issues of teen pregnancy and violence. The students spoke up at a Youth Day luncheon at the annual convention of the National Conference of Black Mayors being held in downtown Columbus.

Weekend anti-violence events put on hold

24, 2003

Celebrity weekend events promoting anti violence in Columbus have been put on an indefinite hold. Event planners for the first annual “peace and unity in our community” rally and concert say low interest and ticket sales are responsible for the cancellation.