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“Un-American” Comment Garners Criticism And Support For Mandel

The race between Rep. Josh Mandel and Dem. Sherrod Brown is expected to be one of the closest and most-expensive races in the nation this year. The latest independent poll gives Brown a 46 percent to 41 percent lead.
August 31, 2012

Republican Josh Mandel’s comment that Sen. Sherrod Brown’s support of the auto industry bailout was “un-American” is bringing out veterans on both sides of the debate.

Unclaimed For Years, Veterans Remains Finally Honored

Dayton National Cemetery
Dayton National Cemetery. Ten U.S. veterans will be buried there Monday in a military ceremony after their remains went unclaimed for years.
22, 2012

Veterans who died decades ago will finally be buried at Dayton National Cemetery. The servicemen were not missing, their cremated remains have been in plain sight, sitting on shelves in Columbus area funeral homes. A group of volunteers has taken up the cause of the unclaimed remains- trying to find the vets’ families, give them a proper burial.

A Central Ohio Company Builds Mobile Vet Health Centers

Mobile Vet Center (2)
Mobile Vet Center Built by Farber Specialty Vehicles
4, 2012

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs says Farber Specialty Vehicles will add 20 more so-called Mobile Vet Centers to a fleet of 50 it has built to be used in underserved or rural areas.

Central Ohio Iraq War Veterans Reflect On Service

Iraq War Soldiers
Army Staff Sgt. Scott Karr and Army Staff Sgt. Nicholas Pavlik
14, 2011

As the war in Iraq ends this month, service members of the Ohio National Guard reflect on their time in Iraq, and what lies ahead for the country.

Ohio Veterans Seek Out GI Bill

Department of Veterans Affairs Display Ad
November 22, 2011

Some Ohio veterans are questioning the GI benefits used at for-profit schools.

City Court Helps Struggling Veterans

The Ohio Department of Public Safety recently gave the Mansfield Veterans Court a $35,000 grant to expand services.
21, 2011

The city of Mansfield says a city court specifically for veterans is helping many reenter society and be productive citizens.

Thousands Of Ohio Veterans Missing Out On Bonuses

edited VA
Thousands of Ohio veterans are missing out on entitled bonuses.
November 11, 2011

The state estimates that about 90,000 eligible military veterans are missing out on Ohio bonuses of up to $1,000.

Lawmakers Tout Jobs

brown solar
U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown promotes solar energy at Columbus business.
15, 2011

As senators and members of congress spend recess time in their districts. They are focusing sharply on the job market and in some cases getting getting directly involved in efforts to boost employment.

More Troops Going From Combat to Class

First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden speak about their Joining Forces initiative following the kick off performance of the fifth installment of The Sesame Street/USO Experience for Military Families at the Franklin County Veterans Memorial in Columbus, Ohio April 14, 2011.
14, 2011

First Lady Michelle Obama arrives in Columbus later today to tout job services for military veterans and their families. Mrs. Obama’s stop is part of a “Joining Initiatives” tour. The tour is an effort to help veterans and their families make a transition from deployments to civilian life.

Michelle Obama Tells Columbus Group Veterans Need Job Help

Michelle Obama
14, 2011

First Lady Michelle Obama used a west side warehouse as a backdrop to campaign for more business support for veterans and their spouses.