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U.S. Senator Pushes Bill He Says Would Help End Vet Homelessness

Sen. Brown’s proposals also include expanding services and support for women veterans. He says as most homeless vets are men, many existing facilities can’t serve women and their kids.
October 28, 2014

Ohio’s senior U.S. Senator has introduced proposals that include letting the VA develop public-private partnerships in order to help vets with legal issues, boost transitional housing programs, and expand existing programs that help former soldiers find jobs.

Korean Official Presenting Medals To Ohio Veterans

Korean War Memorial
The Korean War Memorial near downtown Dayton
12, 2014

A medal of appreciation from the Korean government to U.S. military service members who served in the Korean War will be presented to veterans of that conflict at a ceremony in southwestern Ohio.

New Apartments Serve Military Veterans

Veteran Kenneth Perry_for web
Military veteran Kenneth Perry in his apartment in the Commons at LIvingston.
4, 2014

Expansion of a Livingston Avenue apartment complex for some military veterans means more than just a place to stay. It’s a lifeline to a new beginning.

Deadline Looms For Gulf War Bonuses

A memorial honors veterans of the first Gulf War in late 1990 and early 1991.
23, 2013

The state is urging Ohio veterans who served during the first Gulf war to apply for a bonus before a year-end deadline.

Vets Coalition Pushes State Lawmakers For Clear Energy Jobs

File photo
31, 2013

A coalition of veterans groups is pushing Ohio lawmakers to tougher clean energy standards to help create jobs for returning veterans.

OH Governor Wants Job Credit For Veterans’ Skills

Governor Kasich wants veterans' training and skills to count toward civilian job licenses and college credits.
11, 2013

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has ordered veterans’ military skills and service be taken into account for civilian job licenses and college credits.

Veterans Advocates Want Ohio To Expand Medicaid

national guard
Advocates for the Ohio National Guard say expanding Medicaid in Ohio would provide health care coverage for 26,000 veterans.
3, 2013

Advocates for Ohio’s veterans say expanding Medicaid in the state would make 26,000 Ohio veterans eligible for the health care program.

New Photo ID’s Designed For Veterans

Veterans get photo I.D.'s
Military veterans wait to get a photo ID card at Veterans Memorial.
20, 2013

Starting today, veterans can get a new ID card in Franklin County designed to make it easier for them to access benefits and store discounts. The new photo ID cards will include the veterans military discharge information that they provide to the Franklin County Recorder’s Office.

Franklin County Turns To Veterans For Disaster Response

Darrell Koerber is deputy director of Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security.
15, 2013

The county is using a federal grant to train veterans in disaster psychology, urban rescue, first-aid, and fire safety.

Pickerington Boy Scout Seeks Veteran’s Stories

Boy Scout Kyle Miller launched "Vices from the Front" to collect the stories of one-thousand military veterans in an effort to earn Eagle rank.
19, 2012

November is the month we remember our Veterans. A Pickerington Boy Scout is trying to ensure that those memories last a long time. Kyle Miller is spending much of his time these days interviewing World War Two vets about their service.