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Debate Over Issue 2 Heats Up

28, 2009

In recent weeks, arguments over Issue 2 have heated up. Issue 2 would change the Ohio constitution to form a board to set living standards for livestock. Today supporters and opponents of the issue met for a debate in downtown Columbus.

Columbus Looks For Passenger Depot Site

10, 2009

The city of Columbus is scheduled to receive $16 million in federal stimulus money for mass transit projects. The money could be spent on a variety of things including the construction of a light rail passenger terminal. But that would still leave Columbus without a passenger depot for Governor Strickland’s planned rail corridor connecting Columbus with Cleveland and Cincinnati. Where would that train station be built? One spot could be transformed into a station fairly quickly.

Columbus FOP Files Unfair Labor Practice Against Mayor Coleman

22, 2009

Last week Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman asked the city’s union workers to forgo pay raises as the city learned it needed to cut an additional $13 million from its budget. The local Fraternal Order of Police filed a complaint with the State’s Employment Relations Board Thursday afternoon accusing the mayor of unfair labor practices. Click the listen icon to hear the interview with FOP President Jim Gilbert.

Unions React to Mayor’s Request for Pay Freezes

15, 2009

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman said the city will have to find some way to cut $13 million from its budget. To save money the mayor proposed freezing pay raises on the city’s union workers including public safety workers. WOSU reports both fire and police unions are not pleased with the news.

Home Health Workers Now Have Right to Unionize

17, 2007

Governor Strickland signed an executiveorder Tuesday allowing home health care workers the right to unionize, and he said he plans to give child care providers theright next.

Marysville Plane Crash Claims 2 Lives

The plane, which crashed upside down, was erected to aid in recovering the victims.
May 21, 2007

Authorities say 68-year-old pilot Evan Wood and 73-year-old passenger Walter Buchholz of Punta Gorda, Florida died today when their small plane crashed less than a mile from the Union County airport.

Ohio Members of Congress Offer Mixed Reviews of President’s Address

24, 2007

For the first time since President Bush took office, he delivered his State of the Union address to a Democratic Congress. Ohio lawmakers were there bad had mixed reactions to the President’s proposals.

Firefighters President Disputes City Budget Projections

Columbus mayor Coleman says firefighter staffing will reach its highest level in 2007; union president disputes projection
November 16, 2006

The president of the Columbus Fire Fighters Union says he doesn’t believe the city will employ a record 1,555 firefighters by the end of 2007 as projected in the city’s 2007 budget.

Union Pickets Netjets

8, 2006

A group of union workers at Netjets took their contract dispute to the streets today.

Columbus’ Union Cemetery Marks 200th Year

Union Cemetery Marks 200 Years
June 8, 2006

Columbus’ Union Cemetery marks its 200th anniversary June 11th with a variety of events. Union is one of the area’s oldest working cemeteries.