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Slow Start In Ohio For Wind Generated Electricity

Two of the Bowling Green Wind Turbines
8, 2011

Development of wind energy in Ohio is off to a slow start. Despite efforts to make energy production more sustainable, the state is home to only one utility scale wind farm. A plan for another larger project is being argued in the Ohio Supreme Court.

Wind Energy Backers Want Tax Breaks

6, 2010

The campaign for more development of wind energy in Ohio was in Columbus. Backers of renewal energy sources went to COSI TO explain why it is critical for Ohio lawmakers to pass tax break legislation for developers.

Battle Brewing Over Proposed Wind Turbines in Western Ohio

21, 2008

The rush to harness wind energy in Ohio has spawned controversy along the ridges in western Ohio. Several wind energy companies want to build hundreds of giant turbines to generate electricity. But some property owners object.