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Hoarders Get Clean-Up Help

2, 2011

The spring season means cleaning up and throwing out unused items for many households, but others are trapped in a pile of stuff they won’t let go. It’s called hoarding and while the problem is getting more media attention, cleanup companies say it’s also becoming a larger share of their business.

Curbside Recycling Getting Review

29, 2010

Columbus officials want the input of residents in setting up a new curbside recycling program by 2012. Mayor Michael Coleman says despite some extra costs recycling saves money in the long run. And Coleman adds the new program won’t cost residents anymore money.

Mortgage Meltdown Benefits Brokers and Clean-up Companies

10, 2009

While foreclosures mount, some businesses are profiting. They include some mortgage brokers, companies that clean-up and fix-up foreclosed and vacant houses and first-time home buyers.

Upper Arlington Challenges Ballot Initiative onTrash

8, 2008

Trash has been a contentious issue in Upper Arlington ever since the city council privatized solid waste collection. Some residents want the city service back and they are trying to get the issue on the November ballot. The City of Upper Arlington is challenging the ballot initiative.

Possible trash collection fee not popular among residents

12, 2008

It’s been roughly 60 years since the city of Columbus charged residents to pick up their garbage. But with less revenue coming to the city, a trash collection fee could be imposed.

Smokestacks in Columbus to come down this morning

15, 2005

Spectators will have to find their own vantage points if they want to watch officials demolish three smokestacks in Columbus this morning. Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman and others are expected to help detonate charges on each of the 272-foot-tall smokestacks at 10:00 am.

Incinerator smokestacks fall

15, 2005

A trio of smokestacks have been turned to rubble today as crews began the demolition of a trash-burning power plant on the south side of Columbus.

SWACO says no to south Columbus tire plant

6, 2004

The board of the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO)unanimously Tuesday defeated a resolution authorizing a tire processing plant to move into the city’s southside.