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Hirokami is Out at Columbus Symphony Orchestra

13, 2008

The conductor and music director of the Columbus Symphony has left the financially troubled orchestra. News that Junichi Hirokami would not return to the CSO podium came after the board of trustees received notice from Hirokami on Thursday.

Columbus Symphony A Leaner Orchestra

23, 2008

The contract approved by the Columbus Symphony Orchestra board and musicians makes the CSO a leaner operation. The number of musicians remains at 53, but their pay is cut by more than 25 percent.

Columbus Symphony Weeks Away from Insolvency

14, 2008

The chair of the Columbus Symphony board of directors says the orchestra will soon run out of money. Without an infusion of cash, Buzz Trafford says the orchestra could cease to function in less than 60 days.

Death Knell for Columbus Symphony Orchestra?

31, 2008

Reaction to budget cuts at the Columbus Symphony Orchestra has been mixed. Some have expressed shock, others think it’s time the orchestra faced economic reality. At the moment it seems reconciliation between the symphony board and orchestra musicians is as wide as a chasm.