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New ODOT Website Helps Show The Way

ODOT traffic center ohgo-dot-com
Information gathered at ODOT's traffic control center will automatically appear on its new website.
15, 2013

The Ohio Department of Transportation has unveiled a new web tool to help drivers avoid traffic jams and road closures.

Ohio Traffic Deaths Rise This New Year’s

Ohio Highway Patrol
Ohio Highway Patrol Troopers say the number of holiday traffic fatalities rose in 2011.
January 3, 2012

The State Highway Patrol says it was a deadlier New Year’s weekend on Ohio roads.

Red Light Cameras Get Support

22, 2010

Supporters and Opponents of red-light cameras in Columbus voiced their concerns last night at a hearing on a proposal to expand the photo red light system.

Broken Lock Gate Slows Ohio River Traffic

January 29, 2010

Ohio River traffic might start moving again Sunday southeast of Portsmouth where crews have been working to stabilize a 240-ton damaged lock gate.

Two Suburban High Schoolers Die In Crash

30, 2009

Dublin Scioto High School today mourns the loss of two of its students. The teens died during the week-end in a one car crash in Delaware county. 500 turn out for vigil.

Columbus Leaders Want Change In Transportation.

15, 2008

When Columbus City Council recently approved a multi-million dollar plan to expand bike paths, Public Service Director Mark Kelsey quipped the city was moving away from a “car-centric” road system. But, any major shift will require lots of public money and an adjustment in many driver’s mindset.

Drivers most at risk in work zones

7, 2008

The start of the highway construction season has authorities reminding drivers to slow down in work zones, and follow the rules. Of all the counties in Ohio, Franklin County has the worst record when it comes to work zone crashes.

OhioTraffic Cameras Will Stay

January 31, 2008

In a unanimous decision today, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled the use of red-light cameras to ticket motorists does not violate the state’s constitution.

Large Number of Port Columbus Air Traffic Controllers Could Soon Retire

30, 2006

The Federal Aviation Administration announced it will keep three air traffic controllers on duty during early morning hours on weekends at Port Columbus. While that may seem like a positive move for workers and fliers, there are other looming problems. A new work contract set to be imposed by the FAA Sunday could cause mass retirements.

Air Traffic Controllers work dispute goes to Congress

3, 2006

The federal agency in charge of air safety has gone to congress in a bid to settle a wage and work rules dispute with unionized air traffic controllers. The Federal Aviation Administration wants to put its contract into effect even though it failed to reach agreement with the National Air Traffic Controllers Association.