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Brown Calls for Changes in U.S. Policy on China

28, 2007

One of Ohio’s two U.S. Senators says the recent examples of dangerous toys and other products imported from China can be partly blamed on bad U.S. government policies.

Toy recalls: What parents and educators should know

8, 2007

In the past week almost one million toys were recalled. The culprit: choking hazards and possible lead paint. Children’s toys make up 40 percent of the consumer product recall list in the U.S. WOSU went to a local day care facility to find out what it does to monitor such recalls.

Premium toy makers and sellers enjoying good holiday season

16, 2004

While mass-market toy retailers are struggling to boost sales and maintain profits this holiday season, specialty toy shops report the opposite. Indications are this will be a good season for the premium toy business.

Ohio PIRG releases list of dangerous toys

25, 2003

An Ohio consumer group has come out with its annual list of dangerous toys. The Ohio Public Interest Research Group, or Ohio PIRG, Tuesday released its “trouble in toyland” report.