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“Joe The Plumber” To Annouce Possible Run For Congress

Samuel "Joe" Wurzelbacher rose to national fame during the 2008 presidential campaign.
25, 2011

The Toledo-area man rose to national fame in the 2008 presidential campaign.

Experience Columbus “Neutral” On Casino Amendment

21, 2009

The board of Columbus’ travel and convention bureau decided Wednesday not to take a position on statewide Issue 3. That’s the ballot issue that would amend the constitution to allow the building of a casino in downtown Columbus and three other Ohio cities.

COSIs Headed In Different Directions, Museums Consider Name Change

26, 2006

COSIs Columbus and Toledo have shared the same name since the Toledo museum went into business almost ten years ago. But that could change. The two organizations are in talks right now to decide if Toledo will keep the COSI name.