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Senate Panel Waters Down Kasich’s Plan To Hold Back Non-Readers

A proposal might hold back third-grade students because of low reading levels.
9, 2012

A proposal to hold back Ohio third graders who cannot read has been softened by a committee of state senators, and the governor is frustrated by the move. Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen has an update.

Issue 1 Ads Lack Job Creation Details

21, 2010

Polls show most Ohioans don’t know much about the state’s Third Frontier Program, and that is worrying backers of a May ballot issue that seeks to renew it for four years. The program lets state government borrow money and hand it to companies that show promise in expanding and creating new jobs. Supporters of the renewal measure have just launched a series of TV ads to sell the ballot issue to voters.

Loft Condo Auction: A Sign of the Times?

October 26, 2007

At least eight downtown loft condominiums in the Carlyles Watch development will be sold this Sunday at auction. The unusual sale could be the result of a bottomed-out real estate market, faltering downtown redevelopment or a glut of condos perceived as overpriced.

Convicted high-priced madame freed from prison

22, 2006

The woman who admits running a million dollar brothel near Grandview will be released from prison after serving about three months.

Local Leaders Support Issue 1

3, 2005

Local leaders held a public show of support today for State Issue One. Pressing for the bill’s passage from the steps of city hall, Columbus Mayor Coleman touted the $2 billion bond program as indispensable. But critics say the General Assembly’s addition of Third Frontier funding is an inefficient use of public money.

OSU Medical Center receives $8-million cancer grant

30, 2003

Governor Taft annouced Wednesday that Ohio State University will receive an $8-million grant to try to find new ways to prevent and treat lung cancer. The award is part of the state’s Third Frontier initiative.