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Strickland: State worker data stolen from employee’s car

15, 2007

The state is warning its 64,000 employees that they could be at risk for identity theft, after a computer storage device containing their names and social security numbers was stolen from a state intern’s car. Click on the icon to hear the story.

Bipartisan effort pushes for protection against identity theft

13, 2007

Ohio lawmakers think more needs to be done to protect Ohioans against identity theft. Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are meeting in the middle to push for a tougher state law.

More Ohio Consumers Vulnerable To Internet Fraud

5, 2006

In its recent “State of the Net” report, Consumer Reports says individuals now have a one-in-three chance of becoming a cyber-victim. While most consumers pay attention to computer firewalls and other protection of digital information, millions of Americans lose control of their personal information through so-called “data breaches” by business or government.

Insurance Companies Market Identity Theft Protection

30, 2006

Cases involving Ohio University and the Veterans Adminstration have increased worries about identity theft in recent weeks. Where there is worry, there is often a business opportunity. Insurance companies have gotten into the business of identity theft – selling policies designed to help customers set things right.

Charity: Volunteer embezzled $250,000

10, 2006

The Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio says its former treasuer embezzled up to a quarter of a million dollars from the organization. No criminal charges have been filed but the charity announced plans to prevent another theft.