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Former OSU QB Schlichter Remains in Jail; More Alleged Victims Come Forward

50-year-old Art Schlichter is arraigned Tuesday in Franklin County Court on felony grand theft charges. He remains in jail.
February 15, 2011

People who claim they were cheated by Art Schlichter continue to come forward. Prosecutors say more than two dozen now say they gave money to the former OSU quarterback and admitted compulsive gambler. WOSU reports, there’s likely little chance they will see the money again.

Ohio Highway Patrol Calls Increase In Identity Theft Cases “Alarming”

15, 2010

The Ohio Highway Patrol says it has investigated 248 cases of identity fraud so far this year, compared to 114 incidents by this time in 2009. The cases involve fraudulent identification discovered by troopers during traffic stops and at driver license exam stations.

Governor Expected to Sign Measure to Increase Protection Against ID Theft

24, 2008

Ohioans who have their credit cards stolen will soon be getting a little more protection against identity theft.

Ohio Senate Passes Bill to Discourage Theft of Copper and other Metals

12, 2008

State senators Wednesday approved a bill that aims to crackdown on metal thieves.

Number of Car Thefts Is Changing

14, 2007

There is good news on the car theft front in Ohio,at least it’s good news for car owners.

Insurance company says it misplaced personal data of 9,200 Ohioans

29, 2007

A security breach at Hartford Life Insurance in Connecticut involves more than 9,000 Ohioans. Hartford says it’s already contacted the 9,200 Ohioans who are affected by the security breach and offerred them the free identity theft protection.

Businesses not included in free identity protection from summer data theft

11, 2007

This summer the state provided hundreds of thousands of Ohioans with free identity theft protection after a computer backup tape containing their personal information was stolen. Some of the information on the tape included businesses’ information. But businesses are not covered.

Franklin County Court Blocks Social Security Searches on its Website

25, 2007

Credit theives used a surprising source to gain victims’ information: the Franklin County Municipal Court’s website.

Another Ohio Agency Reports Data Theft

25, 2007

Ohio state government officials have reported another data theft. The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation says a laptop has been stolen from an employee’s home.

State Hires Data Theft Analyst

18, 2007

A cyber sleuth will help Ohio grapple with the recent theft of computer data.