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Governor Kasich Signs Texting Ban For Drivers

texting while driving
Ohio becomes the 39th state in the country to have a law banning texting while driving.
1, 2012

Ohio has become the 39th state to prohibit texting while driving.

Statewide Texting Ban, Teen Rules Sent To Governor Kasich

texting while driving
All drivers also would be banned from texting, though young drivers could more easily be pulled over for the offense.
15, 2012

Ohio teens could not use cellphones or other electronic devices while driving under a bill sent Tuesday to the governor.

Texting Ban, Teen Restrictions Clear Ohio Senate

The Ohio Statehouse
The Ohio Senate has passed a bill to ban teens from using electronic devices while driving,
3, 2012

The Ohio Senate has passed a bill that aims to keep cellphones, iPads or other electronic devices out of the hands of teen drivers when they are behind the wheel.