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Temp Jobs Provide Economic Lifeline For Some Columbus Workers.

7, 2011

The Labor Department today says employers added more than 100,000 jobs last month. The figures give some credence to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s view that there’s evidence of a self-sustaining recovery. But, some Columbus area residents say the job market remains “iffy.” So, they depend on temporary work.

Temporary Jobs Up And Down In Columbus

21, 2010

While the recession technically ended 15 months ago, Ohio’s unemployment rate still stands above ten percent. The national jobless rate is only slightly lower. Many who are out of work look to temporary employment to help pay the bills. Some economists say the tempo of the temporary workforce is an indicator of the economy’s health. WOSU looks at temporary hiring in Central Ohio.

Budget Stalemate Putting Ohio Deeper in Debt

7, 2009

The stalemate in the Ohio legislature over a new two-year state budget is continuing.

Temporary Workers Find It Tough To Get Jobs

January 13, 2009

As the unemployment rate continues to increase so do the number of people seeking temporary work. WOSU reports some temp agencies also are struggling – there are not enough jobs to fill the demand for work.