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Former Ohio Governor Keeps Options Open For Possible Re-run

Former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland.
June 7, 2012

Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland has stayed active in democratic politics since his defeat in 2010 to Republican John Kasich. Strickland says while he’s lending campaign help to other democrats he’s undecided about a possible rematch with Governor Kasich in 2014.

Humane Society: Zanesville Tragedy Was Preventable

The Humane Society is criticizing Gov. John Kasich for letting expire an order that would have barred individual Ohioans from owning exotic animals.
October 19, 2011

The Humane Society is criticizing Gov. John Kasich for letting a ban on exotic pets expire.

Ted Strickland: We Strengthened Ohio’s Foundation

Ted Strickland
December 15, 2010

Governor Ted Strickland says he is leaving Ohio with a stronger foundation than it had when he came into office. Strickland Wednesday gave his farewell address at the Columbus Metropolitan Club, the same venue where he gave his first speech as a candidate for governor.

Kasich Beats Strickland In Ohio Governor’s Race.

3, 2010

Former Representative John Kasich has defeated Governor Ted Strickland in Ohio and seized GOP control of a state considered crucial to the 2012 presidential election. Kasich defeated Strickland with attacks over the loss of 400,000 jobs.

Trade Issues Bubble To Top Of Ohio Campaigns.

1, 2010

The battle for votes in this year’s mid-term elections will likely turn on several key issues. In races for Governor and U-S Senate, jobs and international trade issues have bubbled to the top.

Ohio Governor’s Poll Shows Big Lead For Challenger.

17, 2010

The latest Quinnipiac University poll shows Ohio Governor Ted Strickland has an uphill climb to keep his job against Republican challenger, John Kasich.

Governor Debate Focuses On Ohio Jobs, Economy.

15, 2010

Governor Ted Strickland and his republican challenger, John Kasich talked jobs, taxes and trains during a statewide televised debate.

OSU Prof-Executions Fewer Among States

4, 2010

An Ohio State University Professor says executions have seen a downturn across the country.

Ohio’s Gubernatorial Candidates Spar Over Lehman Brothers

27, 2010

For months now, Governor Ted Strickland has been hammering his Republican opponent, John Kasich, for his ties to Wall Street. Kasich was a former managing director for Lehman Brothers, the company widely blamed for starting the national financial meltdown in the fall of 2008. But the Ohio Republican Party is fighting back, saying Strickland himself has ties to Lehman Brothers.

Advocacy Groups Weigh In On State Budget Gap

24, 2010

“Think the un-thinkable.” That’s what an advocacy group for low-income Ohioans is urging state legislators to do when it comes to plugging the projected $4 to $8 billion hole in the next state budget.