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“Right To Work” Amendment Clears Another Hurdle

2, 2012

Backers want to put a measure before voters to let more Ohioans opt out of labor unions.

Tea Party Coalition To Push ‘Right-to-Work’ Amendment In Ohio

Ohio Tea Party Coalition wants to change the state Constitution to make Ohio a 'Right-to Work' state.
November 10, 2011

The co-founder of a tea party coalition in Ohio says it will push for a state constitutional amendment to prevent workers covered by union contracts from being required to join unions or pay dues.

Issue 3 Rolls To Victory

Voters on Tuesday approved the ballot measure that looks to exempt Ohio from the nation's health insurance mandate.
November 9, 2011

The constitutional amendment is largely symbolic, coming in response to 2009 federal health care changes.

Critics Worry Issue 3 Might Affect Existing Health Insurance Laws

16, 2011

Issue 3 on this fall’s ballot is an amendment which supporters say would allow Ohio to opt out of the federal health care law which mandates individuals purchase health insurance. But as Ohio Public Radio reports, its critics say it could do much more than that.