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Fired OSUMB Director Asks Board Of Trustees For Reinstatement

Ohio State Band
OSUMB members prepare for a new season under new leadership.
14, 2014

The Ohio State University Marching Band has a new roster for the 2014 season. And Thursday afternoon, some of those members, along with their interim directors, shared their thoughts about moving forward amid a scandal that cost them their director, who has requested the board of trustees reinstate him.

Waters Praised In Final Job Review; Drake Holds Firm On Firing

The Ohio State University Marching Band
13, 2014

For the first time since the decision was made in July, Ohio State University President Michael Drake answered questions about the decision to fire the band director. And he said it’s final. The statement was at Wednesday’s Columbus Metropolitan Club meeting. Drake was met by a group of protesters, former band members.

TBDBITL Tryouts Begin Following Scandal

Ohio State University Marching Band tryouts began this week, about two weeks after its director was fired following an investigation into a "sexualized" culture in the band.
12, 2014

Two-and-a-half weeks after the Ohio State University Marching Band director was fired, tryouts began for future members. Students were all business Tuesday morning as they vie for a spot on the elite squad.

Fired Band Director Continues Push To Regain Job

Jonathan Waters was fired last month after an investigation that OSU officials say revealed "a culture conducive to sexual harassment."
August 12, 2014

The former director of the Ohio State University Marching Band appeared on All Sides with Ann Fisher Tuesday to talk about his work to improve the band’s culture, and why he thinks his firing is unjust.

OSU Officials Were Not Mandated To Fire Band Director

Ohio State has announced the firing of OSU Marching Band director Jon Waters.
The attorney for fired OSUMB director Jon Waters said the university was not required to terminate him until Title IX.
7, 2014

The attorney for fired Ohio State University Marching Band director said the university did not have to terminate him.

TBDBITL Alumni Conduct Investigation Into Band Director’s Firing

Ohio State Band
OSUMB alumni look into the university's investigation that led to the band director's firing two weeks ago.
6, 2014

Two weeks after the Ohio State University Marching Band director was fired, some band alumni members announced they’re conducting their own investigation.

All Brass Instruments Could Account For OSUMB Gender Gap

Ohio State Band
Even though Title IX was enacted more than 40 years ago, women remain underrepresented in the OSUMB. Some people say the disparity is due to the band's instrumental makeup.
5, 2014

The Ohio State University Marching Band has been under intense scrutiny since its director was unexpectedly fired last month. The firing shined a spotlight on the gender disparity in the band. WOSU takes a look at what may be driving the band’s gender gap.

Fired OSU Band Director Details Changes In Report

An OSUMB T-Shirt displays the nickname of one of the band members.
Fired OSUMB director Jon Waters said he worked for two years to reduce inappropriate nicknames given to first-year members.
July 31, 2014

From the beginning, fired Ohio State band director Jon Waters has vowed to clear his name. Waters claims he was in the process of making changes to the OSU band culture before the investigation that cost him his job. Those changes are detailed in a report Waters gave investigators last month.

Fired Band Director Says He Attempted To Fix Vulgar Culture

Ohio State has announced the firing of OSU Marching Band director Jon Waters.
Fired Ohio State Band Director Jon Waters says he tried to change the culture that included hazing and allegations of sexual harassment.
31, 2014

The fired Ohio State University marching band director says he was working to change a culture of hazing and inappropriate rituals among members when he was dismissed.

OSU Alumni Band Members Protest Band Director’s Firing

Approximately 20 former OSU Marching Band members walked from Ohio Stadium to Bricker Hall on Monday to voice their concerns with the universities actions regarding the Marching Band.
28, 2014

Alumni members of Ohio State’s Marching band protested the actions of Ohio State University today by marching from Ohio Stadium to the Office of OSU President Michael Drake in Bricker Hall.