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New Fiscal Year Brings New Tax Breaks

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1, 2014

It’s July 1, which means the state is ringing in a new fiscal year. One group is calling attention to what it calls special interest policies taking effect.

Updated Budget Bill May Include Tax Hike and Tax Cut

John Kasich
Governor John Kasich is expected to update his budget bill with a tax hike and tax cut.
11, 2014

Republican Gov. John Kasich’s budget update bill comes out today, and it could include a tax hike to pay for a tax cut.

Lt. Gov. Candidate Kearney Vows To Stay In Race Despite Tax Issues

Senate Minority Leader Eric Kearney outlines the back taxes his company owes IRS.
5, 2013

The Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, State Senator Eric Kearney took on his tax problems head-on in a conference call with reporters Wednesday. He vows to stay in the race. But, the call raised as many questions as answers.

School And City Leaders Hinge Hopes On Tax Levy

A breakdown of the Columbus City Schools Levy proposal.
21, 2013

Next month, Columbus School District voters face a big decision – whether to approve a 24 percent increase in school taxes. City and School leaders promise the schools levy will bring reform and improve the troubled district.

Kasich Signs $62 Billion, 2-Year Ohio Budget

Gov. John Kasich signed the two-year, $62.5 billion budget Sunday evening.
June 30, 2013

Gov. John Kasich has vetoed a piece of Ohio’s two-year budget that would bar the state’s Medicaid program from covering the additional low-income residents allowed under the Affordable Care Act.

Songs, Books Downloaded Online To Be Taxed In Ohio

taxes on digital purchases
State lawmakers will vote on sales taxes for digital purchases.
June 26, 2013

Downloading the latest pop music hit or best-selling crime novel could cost more next year in Ohio.

That’s because tax changes added to the state budget would boost the state sales tax and apply it to digital products, such as MP3s, e-books and videos bought on the Internet.

Budget Director, Lawmakers Butt Heads Over How To Use Surplus

Ohio budget director Tim Keen says the revenue forecast hinges on how businesses and individuals may have reacted to the uncertainty surrounding the so-called “fiscal cliff” at the end of 2012, when some made moves to avoid what they feared might be higher taxes.
19, 2013

The committee working out the differences between the House and Senate versions of the state budget now has updated estimates on tax revenues and Medicaid. Tax receipts are up and Medicaid costs are down, but those numbers come with a caution.

Activists’ Report Links Budget Struggles To Tax Havens

The Ohio Public Interest Research says tax haven costs the state $707 million a year.
5, 2013

A left-leaning research group says the state could ease the budget-crafting process by closing tax loopholes that costs the state hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

Ohio Treasurer Mandel Thinks Tax Hike Will Scare Industry Away

The 3,200 member Ohio Oil and Gas Association holds its annual meeting in Columbus amid protests over a proposed state tax increase.
March 7, 2013

A fellow Republican state official has come out against Gov. John Kasich’s proposed tax increase on drillers.

Budget Director: Don’t Expect Changes To Sales Tax Plan

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6, 2013

The head of Ohio’s Office of Budget and Management says he does not expect Republican state lawmakers to alter Gov. John Kasich’s plan to cut the state income tax and increase sales tax revenue.