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Poll: Ohioans Support Kasich’s Tax Shift Plan

Tax (word) with money behind
The proposal by Gov. John Kasich would increase the state's severance tax on oil and natural gas drillers to allow an income tax cut for Ohioans.
9, 2012

The survey by Quinnipiac University says 60 percent of Ohio voters support the idea of increasing the severance tax on drilling companies to allow income tax relief for Ohioans.

Columbus-Area Leaders Speak Out Against Proposed Estate Tax Repeal

Upper Arlington
State leaders have proposed ending Ohio's estate tax. But some Columbus-area leaders, like president of Upper Arlington City Council Frank Ciatola, say repealing it would be a detriment to their communities.
5, 2011

State leaders have proposed ending Ohio’s estate tax. But some Columbus-area leaders say repealing it would be a detriment to their communities.

Homeowners Appeal Property Taxes At Record Pace

Homeowners are against property tax increase.
7, 2011

Since 2005, the number of Ohioans appealing the assessed value of their homes has nearly tripled. That’s largely because market values have plummeted, but county auditors have kept assessed values and property taxes relatively flat. But that’s changing.

Just Who Pays Ohio’s Estate Tax?

14, 2011

If you plan to leave a lot to your heirs, you may not have to migrate south to avoid Ohio’s estate tax. Some legislators have discussed its repeal. WOSU explains how the estate tax works and who it affects.

Ohio Supreme Court Oks State’s Satellite TV Tax

27, 2010

The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled a state tax on satellite TV companies does not violate federal commerce laws.

Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown (D) Supports Limited Tax Cut Extensions

29, 2010

Ohio’s Democratic U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown said Monday he favors extension of some income tax cuts and he’d also like to see Congress extend unemployment benefits. Brown made the comments while visiting a Columbus food pantry.

Majority of Ohio Taxpayers File Electronically

15, 2010

The pressure is on central Ohio residents who waited until the last minute to file income taxes.

State Income Tax Phase Out Supporters Claim Short-Changed At Hearing

25, 2010

Opponents of a proposal to phase out Ohio’s graduated state income tax had a big platform to make their case Wednesday. It was a hearing of the Ohio House Ways and Means Committee. Supporters of the measure charged they were short-changed.

Thousands of Ohioans Missing Out on Federal Tax Break

29, 2010

Every year, thousands of low and moderate income Ohioans fail to take advantage of a federal tax break that’s worth thousands of dollars.

Little-Known Tax Credit For Political Contributions

23, 2009

With December 31st looming, the clock is ticking for Ohioans to get a little-known tax credit this year, and it’s directly linked with giving contributions to politicians.