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Ohio Governor Continues To Support Death Penalty

Governor John Kasich told The Associated Press Legislative Forum he supports the death penalty despite the prolonged death of Dennis McGuire last week.
January 30, 2014

Ohio Gov. John Kasich continues to support the death penalty following the prolonged execution of a condemned killer earlier this month that led to calls for a state moratorium on capital punishment.

50 Percent of Franklin County Parents Behind on Child Support

2, 2010

With Ohio unemployment still at nearly 10 percent and job growth slow at best, the bills are piling up for those looking for work. For some, a big bill is their child support payment. And as the economy struggles many struggle to make the payments. WOSU reports judges and county officials are showing leniency for those truly facing hard times.

Hundreds rally to back charter school vouchers

9, 2007

Several hundred supporters of school vouchers and Ohio CHARTER schools rallied at the statehouse in Columbus Wednesday, and it appears they’re going to get what they want in the new two-year state budget.

Franklin County’s Child Support Enforcement Agency Hit by Strike

Teamsters protest outside the Franklin County Child Support Enforcement Agency on E. Fulton
June 12, 2006

More than half of the 270 employees at Franklin County’s Child Support Enforcement Agency failed to report to work today. It’s the first day of a strike by the agency’s 140 Teamsters Union members who say they’re unhappy with a proposed 2% wage increase and a $50 per month charge for health insurance.