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Study Finds Girls Want Validation

16, 2011

Yes, girls talk about the latest fashion trends and if they’re fat or what boy is the cutest. But a study released today by The Women’s Funds of Central Ohio shows there’s more to girls than inane gossip. WOSU reports the study found girls are complex and want to feel validated.

A Recommendation that Ohio Cut by One Third its Number of School Districts Stirs Controversy

22, 2010

One of the most controversial recommendations to emerge from Monday’s report from two think tanks calls for cutting the number of school districts in Ohio by one-third from 611 to about 400.

Study: College Drinkers Who Might Continue as Excessive Adult Drinkers

12, 2009

A recent study concluded that 20 percent of college students who drink heavily during college will continue to drink excessively as adults.

OSU research about dishwashing yields thoughts of pork barreling

1, 2007

The Ohio State University recently released a study about hand washing dishes and eating utensils in restaurants. The research spawned from a Federal Food and Drug Administration study that said most regulation problems in restaurants had to do with the level of bacteria on dishware. OSU’s study looked at dishwashing conditions like the water’s temperature and how long food was left to dry on plates and utensils. But some think this kind of study is a poor use of federal money.

Study: Ohio’s child care industry is among state’s largest

17, 2004

A California think tank today hung a dollar figure on the economic impact of child care in Ohio. It’s a big number. And some child care advocates say they’ll use the report to help make a case for more financial help from state and federal lawmakers.

OSU study indicates psychological counseling helps breast cancer patients

1, 2004

A new study conducted by OSU researchers says regular psychological counseling for breast cancer patients can mean healthier diets, reduced smoking and a stronger immune system.