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Critics still challenge new strip law

17, 2007

That proposal that ohio legislators passed earlier this year putting limits on strip clubs became law Wednesday. That’s because elections officials have formally declared that a petition drive, aimed at repealing the measure at the polls in November, has come up short. Still, critics of the law are not giving up.

Groups With Opposite Stands on Strip Clubs Also Battle Over Name

19, 2007

A group trying to overturn statewide restrictions on strip clubs says it won’t change its name despite legal threats by a conservative Christian organization.

Ohio Voters Might Decide Adult Business Law

7, 2007

Strip-club owners and dancers will try to get voters to overturn recently approved restrictions that will forbid touching of strippers and nude dancing after midnight.

House passed scaled back strip club regulations

May 17, 2007

Ohio House lawmakers voted 73 to 24 to pass a plan that would ban strip club customers from touching dancers. It would also ban full nudity in nightclubs after midnight.

Strip-club compromise would restrict touching, full nudity

15, 2007

An Ohio House committee has approved a compromise to a controversial statewide crackdown on adult businesses.