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Storms leave Thousands Without Power in Central Ohio

3, 2010

Thousands of Ohio homes and businesses have no power because of thunderstorms that tore through the state with winds as strong as 75 mph.

Late Winter Storm Moves Through Central Ohio

15, 2010

Utility and road crews face storm clean-up task again as major winter storm moves into Scioto and Muskingum watersheds.

Columbus Nationwide Employees Feel Effects of Windstorm

9, 2009

Winds gusted all afternoon on Wednesday, at times to 50 miles per hour. People in tall buildings likely can feel them sway as skyscrapers are designed to withstand high winds. WOSU’s Mandie Trimble interviewed Liz Christopher, a Nationwide Insurance employee, who on Twitter noted the effects that Wednesday’s windy weather had on the building and her stomach. Click the above player to listen to the interview.

Lancaster & Fairfield County Recover from Ice Storm

29, 2009

As many as 6,000 Fairfield County residents remain without electricity after this week’s snow and ice storm. The Red Cross has opened a shelter. And the sheriff’s department and emergency management officials are checking on people who ask for assistance.

Ice Bends Trees And Power Lines, Forces School Closures

January 28, 2009

More winter weather with additional snow and ice accumulations is in store for Ohio today. The storm has forced closure of Ohio State University Columbus, Marion and Mansfield campuses, North Central State College, and the Med Central College of Nursing are all closed.

Wind Storm Worst Since 1974

7, 2008

We now have an estimate of storm damage from the 70 mile an hour winds that pummeled Ohio September 14th.

Mid-Ohio Food Bank offers perishable foods

The Mid-Ohio Food Bank will offer perishable food items, like fresh fruit and vegetables, to help those who lost groceries in last week's power outages.
September 24, 2008

Many families lost food last week after remnants of Hurricane Ike caused power outages. And for those living pay check to pay check losing groceries is tough. WOSU reports the Mid-Ohio Food Bank is helping out.

Was the wind storm a budget buster for Columbus?

23, 2008

As Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman looks ahead to the November budget, city council voted last night to take money out of its rainy day fund to fill a $10 million gap in its budget. WOSU spoke with the mayor to find out how the wind storm impacted the city’s pocketbook.

Efforts Underway to Gain Additional Emergency Assistance

September 22, 2008

Franklin County is one of dozens of counties in Ohio still working on debris clean up more than a week after the record-setting winds of September 14th.

Landscapers clean up in more ways than one

A landscaper throws debris into a huge pile that will become mulch.
September 18, 2008

Long after the power is restored, the cleanup will continue. Tree limbs and branches line nearly every street in Central ohio Although it may be unfortunate for the people who lost trees due to the high winds from remnants of Hurricane Ike, landscapers and mulching companies are cleaning up – in more ways than one.