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Steubenville Prosecutors Turn To Cell Phone Evidence

A statue of Lady Justice sits atop the Jefferson County Courthouse in downtown Steubenville. Two Steubenville High School football players are charged with raping a 16-year-old girl last August.
14, 2013

Police and witnesses from phone service providers have testified about cellphones collected as evidence in the case against two high school football players accused of raping a 16-year-old girl.

Prosecutors, Defense Lay Out Case As Steubenville Trial Begins

The eastern Ohio community has been divided over the case that's drawn worldwide news coverage for its intertwining with social media and calls for justice by the hacker group Anonymous.
March 13, 2013

After months of worldwide attention, the trial of two Steubenville high school football players accused of raping a 16-year-old girl is under way.

Ohio AG: More Charges Possible After Rape Trial

A Steubenville rape case involving members of the high school football team has garnered national attention.
March 4, 2013

Ohio’s attorney general says he’ll announce after the upcoming rape trial of two high school football players whether charges will be brought against others.

OH AG DeWine: Steubenville Rape Case Investigation On-Going

Justice Scales
Two 16-year-old Steubenville High School football players go on trial next month for allegedly raping a 16-year-old girl last August. A video mocking the alleged rape has sparked national outrage.
4, 2013

An online video which, graphically details an alleged rape Steubenville, Ohio, has fueled social media reaction and drawn national attention. WOSU reports the state attorney general’s office took over the case after a conflict of interest in eastern Ohio city.

Settlement Reached In Ohio Anonymous Bloggers Case

Steubenville Iron Bridge
Steubenville, OH.
27, 2012

A settlement has been announced in an Ohio lawsuit that pitted a blog site against a high school student and his family seeking to learn the identities of people who posted about a rape investigation involving two high school football players.

Steubenville Elementary School Readies For Governor’s Address

Wells Walls
A hallway display at Wells Academy in Steubenville touts the school's high ranking.
6, 2012

Final preparations are underway today at Ohio’s top performing elementary school. The Governor, most of his cabinet, and lawmakers will visit Wells Academy tomorrow for the State of the State address. Principal Joe Nocera says the school uses a “success for all” model to boost academic performance.

Steubenville Awaits Governor Kasich’s Address

Steubenville Iron Bridge
Barges loaded with coal make their way under the Iron Bridge linking downtown Steubenville with West Virginia
2, 2012

Ohio Governor John Kasich next week takes his State of the State address on the road. The Governor will travel to Steubenville to honor the state’s top performing elementary school, report on his first year in office, and give his blueprint for the remainder of his term. But, the city is most interested in his jobs message.

Governor Kasich Says Speech Lets Him Engage With Public

John Kasich official photo
Governor Kasich says Steubenville speech will allow him to connect with the public.
January 26, 2012

Governor John Kasich says he does not understand the extent of the debate about moving his State of the State address from the Statehouse to an eastern Ohio elementary school.

House Narrowly OKs Relocating Governor Kasich’s Speech

The Ohio Statehouse
January 24, 2012

The Ohio House has narrowly agreed to the governor’s request to move this year’s State of the State address from the Statehouse to an eastern Ohio elementary school.

Gov. Kasich Says Moving ‘State’ Speech Worth Cost

Gov. John Kasich
January 20, 2012

Ohio’s governor says any added public expense associated with moving his State of the State address to an economically troubled eastern Ohio city is worth it.