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OSU To Install Electric Car Charging Station

The picture shows what the electric plug-in station will look like once the equipment is installed this fall.
June 22, 2010

As more electric cars become available on the market, there will be a greater need for stations where people can charge up. WOSU reports this fall, Columbus will be the first city in Ohio to get an electric vehicle plug-in station. It sounds exciting, except for one minor detail…

Columbus Looks For Passenger Depot Site

10, 2009

The city of Columbus is scheduled to receive $16 million in federal stimulus money for mass transit projects. The money could be spent on a variety of things including the construction of a light rail passenger terminal. But that would still leave Columbus without a passenger depot for Governor Strickland’s planned rail corridor connecting Columbus with Cleveland and Cincinnati. Where would that train station be built? One spot could be transformed into a station fairly quickly.