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Grading The Teachers: Performance Often Not Reflected In Pay

Toledo 7th grade teacher Emily Brown helps students with a science experiment on the motion of waves. Brown has been rated most effective in math twice, and most effective than average in reading.
18, 2013

An analysis by a coalition of Ohio public radio stations and The Plain Dealer shows there is little correlation between a teacher’s performance and how much they are paid. Across the state, teachers who score the lowest on the new “value added” measurement frequently make more than those who score the highest.

Hopes, Worries Abound For Free Online College Courses

Students in Matthew Stoltzfus' class watch video lectures at home via iTunes and work on problems in class. This "flipped classroom" model is one way MOOC's are already being used in college classrooms.
11, 2012

An increasing number of Ohio colleges and universities are offering Massive Open Online Courses: internet-based classes that are free and open to anyone.

State School Board Continues Debate On Seclusion Rooms

A seclusion room at Beatty Park Elementary School in Columbus has a peephole in the door.
10, 2012

An investigation by Ohio public radio stations and the Columbus Dispatch showed the state does not have any policy regarding the use of seclusion rooms in schools, and many school misuse or overuse the rooms.

Locked Away: The Misuse Of Seclusion Rooms In Ohio Schools

Brendon Spencer says he was secluded several times at his elementary school south of Cleveland. He's since transferred out of the district.
6, 2012

An investigation by Ohio public stations and the Columbus Dispatch shows rooms meant to keep students safe and help them calm down are often misused for punishment.