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Huntington agrees to pay $12 million to name downtown ballpark

7, 2006

The new proposed downtown ball park for the Columbus Clippers has not been built yet but it has a name. Huntington Bank has agreed to purchase the naming rights for the stadium.

Franklin County agrees to buy land for downtown ballpark

8, 2005

The effort to build a downtown baseball stadium for the columbus clippers is moving forward. Franklin County Commissioners Tuesday morning agreed to buy five parcels of land near the arena district on which to build a stadium.

Franklin County Commissioners begin the process to build a new downtown baseball stadium.

15, 2005

Franklin County Commissioners announce the formation of action teams to find a downtown location for a new baseball stadium and to find ways to use the old stadium site in Franklinton. Commissioners want to have the new AAA baseball stadium built by no later than 2008.