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Young Pedestrian Killed In Springfield Chase

Police say the driver hit a pole, veered into some woods, and apparently struck the young pedestrian somewhere along the way.
25, 2012

Police say a speeding SUV hit a pole, veered into some woods, and apparently struck the 12-year-old girl somewhere along the way.

Environmental Cleanup Needed After Fire Sends Oil Into Watershed

An OHIO EPA spokeswoman says a nearby creek was running "orange-red" after the fire.
April 20, 2012

The blaze near the site of R.D. Holder Oil Co. sent 200-foot flames into the air and sent local students home early Thursday.

ODOT Studies Cable Median Barriers To Reduce Crashes

8, 2010

Ohio’s Department of Transportation says it will install more cable median barriers in an effort to reduce the number of what are called crossover crashes. One of those crashes claimed four lives near Springfield. The deaths occurred when a tractor trailer truck crossed the median on Interstate 70 and struck a small passenger bus.

Is Springfield, Ohio the Simpson’s Springfield?

March 19, 2007

The Simpsons movie debuts this summer. The animated series is set in a fictitious “Springfield.” But no one knows whether that’s Springfield, Ohio, Oregon, Illinois, Missouri, Massachusetts or where. So the film’s producers want those real-life cities to compete to host the premiere of the movie. But some Ohio lawmakers aren’t big fans of the animinated series.