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Bars, Restaurants See No Significant Employment Change Under Smoking Bans In 2 Cities

12, 2010

A new study led by an Ohio State University professor says that the passage of smoking bans in two large Minnesota cities was not associated with job losses at bars and may in fact have contributed to higher employment in restaurants.

Smoking Ban Enforcement Method Rejected

26, 2010

Ohio’s ban on smoking in public places has taken a hit. The Franklin County Common Pleas Court has ruled in favor of a Columbus bar owner who’d been suing the state over the $30,000 in fines he’s accumulated since the ban was put in place.

Lawsuit Threatened Over Enforcement of Ohio Smoking Ban

20, 2009

A conservative policy group is arguing in a lawsuit that Ohio is enforcing its smoking ban too strictly at a time when bars are already hurting.

State Lawmaker Wants To Revisit Smoking Ban

14, 2008

In the year the state’s smoking ban has been in effect, most Ohioans have gotten used to it, whether they like it or not. Now a lawmaker says the law needs exemptions that voters wanted in the first place.

Columbus Bar Faces Escalating Fines over Smoking Charges

11, 2008

The Columbus health Department will determine whether a local bar has violated the state’s no-smoking law. If so, it would not be the first time.

Statewide smoking ban violators get a say

The "No Smoking" sign outside Jack's Corner Pub on Summit Street. The owner says patrons have torn down the sign, put out cigarettes on it and burned it down.
June 4, 2008

It’s been a year since the statewide smoking ban took effect. Wednesday the Columbus Health Department began holding hearings for businesses that have been charged with violating the smoke-free workplace law.

State Could End Smoker Help Line

1, 2008

The state senate debated the future of the Ohio Tobacco Prevention Foundation Thursday afternoon. Earlier this week, the House voted to defund the Foundation and assign the state’s anti-smoking efforts to the health department. Governor Strickland and some lawmakers want to use money from the landmark tobacco settlement to fund a jobs bill. The move could bring to an end the foundation’s 1-800-QUIT-NOW help line.

Appeals Court: No Smoking! In Ohio’s Private Clubs

3, 2008

An Ohio appeals court has ruled that state health official erred when they tried to exempt veterans halls, fraternal organizations, and other private clubs from the statewide smoking ban.

Ohioans Happy with Smoking Ban

November 15, 2007

It’s been a year since Ohio voters approved a statewide smoking ban in public places and a new study shows most Ohioans like the new policy.

Lawmaker Wants Smoking Allowed in Cigar Bars

19, 2007

A lawmaker who was opposed to the state’s smoking ban has introduced a bill to allow smoking in what some may see as a fairly obvious place, cigar bars.