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American Electric Power Begins Offering “Time-of Day” Rates.

28, 2011

American Electric Power is now offering “time-of-day” rates to its customers with so-called smart meters that measure real time electric usage.

Columbus Suburb Puts Hold On Electric “Smart Meters.”

13, 2010

American Electric Power has installed more than 100,000 so called “Smart Meters” in Ohio. But, plans to install the new meters in Westerville have been put on hold.

“Smart Meters” Tested On Central Ohio Homeonwers

17, 2010

In an effort to reduce energy costs and curb consumer usage, scientists are developing something called “smart grid” and “smart meter” technologies. Some Central Ohio homeowners already have smart meters. WOSU reports the goal is a smart meter for every home within five years.

Energy Secretary Chu Announces $75 Million Award To AEP Ohio For Smart Grid Project

U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu
November 24, 2009

The U.S. Secretary of Energy has announced the awarding of $75 million in federal stimulus money to American Electric Power’s Ohio subsidiary. Steven Chu says the money is part of the Obama administration’s efforts to update the country’s power grid.

OSU researchers test

9, 2003

A team of Ohio State University researchers is part of a consortium of universities developing large-scale applications for a material called “smart dust”. The potential applications for smart dust technology are numerous; researchers have suggested that it can be used to monitor changes in light, temperature, and humidity, to track pollutants, pesticides and gas leaks, and to detect nerve agents and other biological weapons.