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Ohio Supreme Court Considers “Skill Games”

10, 2010

Over the past 3 years, thousands of so-called “skill games” have popped up across Ohio at arcades, convenience stores, and even gas stations. The games reward players who can use buttons or joysticks to manipulate figures on a video screen. The Ohio Supreme Court is now deliberating in a case involving these skill games.

Senate okays limits on electronic gaming machines

17, 2007

The Ohio Senate followed the Ohio House Wednesday, in voting to outlaw tens of thousands of electronic gaming machines that operate a lot like slot machines and to ban cash prizes in other games that are based on skill.

Ohio Attorney General Wants Legislative Help with Legal Games of Skill vs. Illegal Games of Chance

8, 2007

A few weeks ago, Ohio’s attorney general thought he’d come up with a way to figure out whether “Tic Tac Fruit” and other electronic games that pay out money are legal games of skill or illegal games of chance.

State to Inspect Gambling Machines

23, 2007

The state attorney general says thousands of gambling machines cropping up across the state will be inspected to determine whether they are legal.