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Fugitive Treasure Hunter Says In Court He Is Very Sick

Fugitive treasure hunter Tommy Thompson told a Florida judge he has a serious medical condition.
January 29, 2015

A deep-sea treasure hunter who was a fugitive in one of the greatest hauls in American history has appeared in a Florida court and says he has an “extreme medical situation.”

Two Employees Sue Ohio State Claiming Workplace Made Them Sick

12, 2010

Two Ohio state employees are suing the university saying they became ill as a result of negligence during repair work being done in the building where they worked.

Abandoned Sick Leave Campaign was Costly

5, 2008

Some Ohio labor unions, anti-poverty groups, and others Thursday dropped their campaign for a ballot issue that would require many Ohio businesses to offer workers at least seven paid sick leave days a year.

Ohio’s Mandatory Sick Leave Effort Ends

4, 2008

Ohio voters will not get the chance to vote for a mandatory sick leave proposal. The group pushing the sick leave issue has asked that the issue be taken off the ballot.

NFIB Study Says Mandatory Sick Leave is a “Job Killer”

19, 2008

A group of independent businesses in Ohio says the mandatory sick leave ballot issue is a job killer, according to a study they’ve paid for.

Sick Leave Proposal Likely Ballot Issue

5, 2008

Ohio voters might soon be deciding on whether to approve a plan that would require many businesses in the state to give their employees seven paid sick days a year.

Sick Leave Proposal Remains in Limbo

24, 2008

Governor Strickland is continuing to work to head off a ballot issue on the subject of sick leave.

Ohio Legislators Consider Sick Leave

15, 2008

Ohio lawmakers are considering a bill that would give up to seven paid sick days to more than two million employees.

Backers Say Sick Leave Bill on Hold

20, 2008

Backers of a bill to give Ohio workers paid sick days say they’ve been given assurance that members of the state legislature will allow it to have a hearing.

Coalition: mandatory paid sick days nearing Legislature

22, 2007

A coalition trying to put mandatory paid sick days into state law says it has gathered enough signatures to present the issue to lawmakers.