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Does Afghanistan Remind You of Vietnam

Posted: October 12, 2011

Today on All Sides with Ann Fisher former OSU vice president Bill Shkurti will discuss the drawdown of military action in Vietnam. The US is slowly pulling troops out of Afghanistan. Does the Afghanistan drawdown remind you of the end of the Vietnam war.

OSU’s Finance Manager to Retire in 2010

17, 2009

Ohio State University’s top money manager has announced his retirement.

OSU proposes 3% tuition hike

May 4, 2007

Officials at Ohio State University say they’re pleased with a House bill that increases state funding for higher education. It’s a variation of Governor Strickland’s universities compact proposal that exchanges higher amounts of state support for reduced tuition increases. But the bill has yet to pass the scrutiny of the Senate and governor.

Ohio State May Join Gov. Strickland’s Higher Ed Compact

6, 2007

A senior finance official at Ohio State Friday recommended the OSU Board of Trustees join Governor Strickland’s Compact for Higher Education. Members of the compact agree to hold the line on tuition hikes in exchange for increased state money.

State Spending Amendment Could Have Unintended Consequences

25, 2006

A measure to limit the growth of government spending in Ohio could have unintended consequences on other areas including the use of funds generated by university football and product licensing. The so-called TEL measure – scheduled to go before voters in November – is being criticized for its ambiguous language.