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HIV/AIDS Diagnoses on the Rise among Young

10, 2009

HIV/AIDS is still present in Ohio. About 15,000 people live with the virus in the Buckeye state – that’s one for every 1000 Ohioans. But while the virus seems to be stable in the general population, statistics show the virus is spreading among the younger generation.

Men Walk In High Heeled Shoes For a Worthy Cause

25, 2009

The Walk A Mile In Her Shoes movement began in 1991. The purpose is to stop rape, sexual assault and gender violence.

Ohio Religious Leaders Push For Expansion Of Civil Rights.

14, 2008

About a hundred religious leaders across Ohio are pushing for an expansion of the state’s civil rights law that bans discrimination in housing, hiring, public accommodations, and credit. In addition to the current ban on discrimination based on race, gender, nationality, and religion…they want to add sexual orientation.

Strickland Sees “Double Standard” in Sexual Harassment Case in Attorney General Marc Dann’s Office

May 2, 2008

Governor Strickland says there seems to be a double standard in Attorney General Marc Dann’s office because Dann is going unpunished while three top aides in a sexual harassment scandal have been forced out.

Findings Expected Next Week in AG Sexual Harassment Probe

23, 2008

The office of Attorney General Marc Dann says testimony is complete in its investigation into two women’s complaints of sexual harassment against their supervisor.

Ohio Attorney General Recuses Himself From Harassment Case.

9, 2008

Attorney General Marc Dann says he is withdrawing from an internal investigation into two employees’ accusations that they were sexually harassed by a director in the office.

Governor Signs Order Banning Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity

17, 2007

Governor Strickland has signed anexecutive order that bans discrimination in the workplace based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Former Dublin Coaches Plead Not Guilty

26, 2006

Two former Lacrosse coaches at Dublin Coffman High School today appeared before Franklin County Municipal Court judge Anne Taylor to answer criminal charges.

Jury Finds Former Mifflin High School Principal Regina Crenshaw Not Guilty

Regina Crenshaw, center, with daughter, attorney, weeps after hearing the verdict
April 28, 2006

Regina Crenshaw was found not guilty this afternoon by a Franklin County Juvenile Court jury. She’d been charged with a criminal misdemeanor for not immediately calling police after the sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl at Mifflin High School, where Crenshaw was principal last year. The Columbus school board fired her because of the incident. But today’s verdict may play a factor in future litigation.

House Bill Uses GPS on Sexual Predators

14, 2006

The Ohio House has unanimously passed a bill that would require certain violent sexual predators to be monitored by global tracking devices when released from prison.