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Millions Spent To Defeat Contentious Collective Bargaining Law

Muskingum County firefighter Trevor Meek
December 17, 2011

The union-backed group that successfully fought to defeat Ohio’s contentious collective bargaining law spent more than $29 million in the fall ballot campaign.

Why Do You Think Senate Bill 5 Lost So Badly?

Posted: November 9, 2011

Ohio voters by a margin of 61% to 39% 0verwhelmingly rejected Issue 2, the state’s law limiting the collective bargaining power of public employee unions. Why do you think Senate Bill 5 lost so badly?

Senate Bill 5 Repealed in Landslide

no on 2 pic
Ohio Voters overwhelmingly said "No" on Issue 2
November 8, 2011

The state’s new collective bargaining law was defeated Tuesday after an expensive union-backed campaign that pitted firefighters, police officers and teachers against the Republican establishment.

Citizens United Jumping Into Issue 2 Fight

The new ad from Citizens United highlights changes to how teachers are paid.
November 4, 2011

The group made famous in a Supreme Court ruling on campaign finance is now funding ads in support of Issue 2.

Should Public Workers Be Forced To Pay Union Dues?

Posted: November 3, 2011

Senate Bill 5 would prohibit such automatic “fair share” payments.

Romney Clarifies Position On Issue 2

Mitt Romney says he didn't mean to create any confusion when he said he did not have a position on Ohio's Issue 2.
27, 2011

The Republican presidential candidate threw his support behind collective bargaining changes a day after saying he didn’t have a position on Issues 2 or 3.

Poll: Opposition to Issue 2 Grows, Gap at 25%

Public employees demonstrate against Senate Bill 5 earlier this year.
25, 2011

Opponents of Senate Bill 5 and Issue 2 have increased their lead to 25 percent in the last poll.

Another Lively Debate Over Issue 2

Supporters and opponents of Issue 2 debated the collective bargaining measure in Cleveland on Monday.
October 18, 2011

Monday’s debate featured two Democrats on opposite sides of Ohio’s new collective bargaining law.

Edited TV Ad Turns Issue 2 Opponent Into Supporter

The original ad clearly portrays Marlene Quinn as an opponent of Issue 2, but another TV ad uses her testimony to support Issue 2.
12, 2011

Ads occasionally use video from the opposing side, but the new Issue 2 spot doesn’t identify the speaker as an Issue 2 opponent.

Most Ohio Union Workers Affected By SB #5 Insurance Rule

SB 5 protest
Senate Bill 5 Opponents protest
5, 2011

State data reviewed by The Associated Press show eight in 10 unionized government workers in Ohio would pay more toward their health insurance premiums if voters retain a
new collective bargaining law in November.