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Columbus Police: Two Brothers Responsible for 31 Air Conditioner Thefts

16, 2008

Columbus police say evidence linking two brothers to several thefts of air conditioning units in the northeast part of the city will be presented to a grand jury.

High metal prices bring renassaince of the “junk man”

22, 2008

The price of most metals has increased sharply in recent years. The value of copper alone has tripled over the last ten years, and now sits at nearly $4 per pound. As prices have shot up, so too has the business of scrap metal recycling so much that more and more people are making a living collecting and selling seemingly-junk items.

Columbus Proposes Toughened Recycled Metal Ordinance

July 17, 2007

The rising cost of metal is contributing to increased theft in the Columbus area. The city council is considering a proposal that would toughen regulations on the sale of household appliances and other scrap metals for recycling.