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Santa Maria Replica Remains In Storage Amid Fundraising Effort

The executive director of Columbus Santa Maria Inc. says there are new negotiations, but the ship's future remains uncertain.
26, 2014

The 23-year-old replica of Christopher Columbus’ flagship was removed from the Scioto River earlier this year because of a riverfront renovation project. Its potential return depends on a nonprofit group raising $1 million for repairs, and so far those talks haven’t progressed.

Columbus Council Approves $500,000 To Move Santa Maria Replica

Santa Maria Replica
Columbus' Santa Maria replica is in the way of Scioto River improvements. It will be renovated and then moved to an undetermined location along the downtown riverfront.
17, 2014

The city says the replica of explorer Christopher Columbus’ flagship is getting in the way of a $35.5 million project narrowing the Scioto River and adding dozens of acres of green space.