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ODOT Gets Zero Bids On Salt Plan For Local Communities

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Ohio has used more than 880,000 tons of salt since the start of this unusually cold and snowy winter. That doesn't include the salt used by local governments on local roads.
17, 2014

The department wanted to buy 150,000 tons of salt for communities and then have them to return the salt after they replenish their supplies. But no salt companies bid in the 10-day window that ended Friday.

State Watchdog: ODOT Overpayed As Much As $59 Million For Salt

7, 2011

Ohio’s agency that tries to root out corruption inside government says the state Department of Transportation has overpaid for road salt by tens of millions of dollars over the past decade. As Statehouse correspondant Bill Cohen reports, the Inspector General charges that the transportation agency is partly to blame, but so did two major salt companies.

Popularity of alt water swimming pools growing in Central Ohio

September 10, 2007

Once popular only in Australia, salt water swimming pools are now the choice of Central Ohioans too.