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Columbus Realtors Tout Home Sales Increase

25, 2010

The end of 2009 was better than the end of 2008 for the Columbus real estate market. WOSU reports tax credits continue to fuel buying and selling.

Halloween Predicts Lower Holiday Sales Through 2009

Display window at Yankee Trader, Columbus.
October 11, 2009

Some retailers use sales of Halloween merchandise as a predictor of sales for the critical holiday shopping season.

August Home Sales Show Slight Improvement in Columbus Area

24, 2009

August home sales figures for central Ohio show the average price for houses rose by about one percent compared to July.

State warns seniors about life-insurance arrangements with investors

30, 2007

The state is warning seniors about risky life insurance pitches. The department of insurance alerted older Ohioans to be cautions about arrangements–called STOLI, where an investor group is likely to become the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

Lawmaker: Proposed tax holiday could boost Ohio’s economy

29, 2007

Imagine buying a new computer, a used car, or some new clothes – and not having to pay Ohio’s 5.5 percent sales tax. That’s what one state legislator is calling for – at least for one weekend each year.

Eighth straight year: Ohio liquor sales increase

17, 2007

For the eighth year in a row liquor sales have increased in Ohio.

Housing Analyst Says Columbus Market Is Overbuilt.

22, 2006

U-S home sales will be reported today and Thursday. Real estate analysts will closely watch median price and inventory levels of existing homes to get a good read on housing markets. But, a housing consultant says more consumers in Columbus and other Midwest markets are losing their homes through foreclosure. Mildred Wilkins, founder of Home Ownership Matters of Indianapolis, says that regional housing markets are “depressed.” right now.

Ohio tax officials hope new voluntary system will collect on-line sales taxes

5, 2005

With each passing holiday shopping season, more people choose to shop on-line. Forrester Research predicts holiday on-line sales will top $18 billion – that’s a 25% increase over last year. Those figures have tax officials in Ohio and other states seeing red because for the most part, the sales taxes that should be paid for on-line purchases go uncollected. This holiday season, a new effort is underway to try to get more on-line retailers to collect sales taxes.

Ohio Tree Growers Expect Busy Season

25, 2005

Today marks the beginning of the Christmas tree buying season.