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Bill To Legalize Fireworks Fizzles

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A measure to legalize consumer grade fireworks in Ohio peters out after hitting a procedural snag.
17, 2014

An effort to legalize consumer grade fireworks in Ohio has hit a procedural snag.

Orange Township Misses Fire Levy Deadline By Two Minutes

If approved, the levy would have meant $7.6 million in annual funding for the department.
December 6, 2012

The ruling by the Delaware County Board of Elections could mean the end of the fire department established in 1951.

Ohio State Officials Host Town-Hall Meeting To Talk Campus Safety

Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee
4, 2012

Ohio State University held a town-hall type meeting to discuss safety issues on campus, and how officials plan to address growing concerns going forward.

The Price of Safety May Be Privacy

November 16, 2010

With each passing year, George Orwell’s vision comes closer to reality. Technology has made it easier and easier to track our movements on-line and off-line. WOSU Commentator Stacia Kock says acceptance of “Big Brother” may come down to a simple choice.

Bicyclists Must Share Safety Responsibility

7, 2010

Whether it’s for recreation, exercise or commuting, there are more and more bicycles on the road. On a daily basis bicyclists and drivers are having to share the road. WOSU Commentator Stacia Kock reminds us that safety is a shared responsibility .

Public Safety Director Collins-Taylor Denied Committee Confirmation

20, 2010

Ohio’s public safety director was denied confirmation from a key Senate committee today, in a hearing loaded with heavy measures of election-year politics

Ohio Public Safety Director Speaks out on Inspector General Report on Scuttled Sting at Governor’s Residence

Cathy Collins-Taylor
May 18, 2010

For the first time, the state’s top public safety official is speaking out about the decision to call off an operation involving a suspicious package to be dropped off at the Governor’s Residence in January.

Ohio Produce Farmers Monitor Food Safety Bills In Congress.

21, 2010

While attention is focused this week on financial regulatory reform on Capitol Hill, congress is also considering stricter food safety standards. Ohio consumers, and some small and medium sized produce farmers in Ohio are watching what congress does.

Report: Inaction Allows Thousands to Register Cars Illegally

3, 2010

A new report says inaction by the former head of Ohio’s public safety department allowed thousands of illegal immigrants to register cars and get license plates.

Safety Improvements to State Route 315 Include Drainage Work

27, 2009

While construction crews take a winter break, commuters on route 315 already benefit from traffic design improvements.