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The Record Of Women On Death Row In Ohio

30, 2010

Ohio is set to execute a 9th convicted man in November. That would be the most in the state since executions resumed in 1999. In all, 40 men have been given lethal injections during the past 11 years. But, Ohio has not executed a woman since 1954.

Ohio Prison Officials Monitor Supply Of Executioner’s Drug.

8, 2010

There’s a national shortage of the anesthetic Ohio uses to put condemned killers to death. But it’s unclear whether that will stop two executions on the calendar this year.

Ohio AG Predicts Fewer Death Sentences

1, 2010

Ohio’s attorney general says the low number of death sentences being handed down in the state is a trend that’s likely here to stay.

Ohio Parole Board: No Mercy for Condemned Inmate

13, 2010

The Ohio Parole Board is recommending against mercy for a condemned Ohio inmate who claims he’s innocent in a killing that sent him to death row.

Death Row Inmate Reconsiders “Volunteer” Status

20, 2007

A condemned inmate who gave up his appeals ahead of Tuesday’s execution has reconsidered and asked for an emergency delay.