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The Record Of Women On Death Row In Ohio

30, 2010

Ohio is set to execute a 9th convicted man in November. That would be the most in the state since executions resumed in 1999. In all, 40 men have been given lethal injections during the past 11 years. But, Ohio has not executed a woman since 1954.

Pair of Former Columbus City Employees Are Sentenced

29, 2007

The former Director of the Recreation and Parks Department and an employee get mostly probation after paying restitution.

Former department of parks director pleads guitly to theft, tampering

21, 2006

The former head of the Columbus Department of Recreation and Parks and the sister of a member of the Parks Board have pleaded guilty to felony theft and tampering charges. The charges come in the wake of allegations that the department director paid the employee for work she did not do.